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When Crafting Plans Go Awry...

Alright. So, sometimes we have plans and expectations of a project we are starting. I decided to try a new doll pattern to see how I liked it. I found a book with patterns at a book store. It looked so cute on the cover. This is what the book looked like.

The book has one basic doll pattern with different variations of outfits and accessories.

Adorable, right?

So I figured I could use it and mix and match the outfits in it. I expected it to look like the pictures in the book. I followed the pattern and the instructions. But....

This is what it looked like after I had finished the basic body. It looks so weird to me. Her long limbs and skinny body remind me of Groot for Guardians of the Galaxy. Not what I expected at all. I was kind of disappointed at how weird it looked. But I decided to keep trying. So I tried to make some clothes for her.

The socks and underwear still looked "off" to me. But I continued.

The dress did help a little. But it is still off. I don't think the shape of her looks anything like the picture. I wonder if, maybe, I should have stuffed her more, or if there was something I could have done to make her look different.

This is as far as I have gotten with her so far. Maybe hair, a mouth, and accessories might help her look better. I'm working on her little by little to see what features and personality work best with her. Sometimes, a project will guide you as to what works for it.

I'm not really pleased with the way this doll looks yet. But I am determined to finish her. Have you ever had a project or task not turn out exactly as you had hoped or expected? Did you finish it anyway? What was the result? Tell me your experience with things not going quite as planned. I feel like these are the experiences we learn the most from. What do you think?

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Jul 04, 2022

So funny...but cute!

Jul 05, 2022
Replying to

Thanks. I had to step away from her for a moment. But I will get back to her to finish at some point.

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