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Tried Something New for Me


So, I was impatiently waiting to receive a really cool craft kit that I had ordered as soon as it had been made available. (In case you were wondering, it was the Super Not Another Crap Kit from NerdeCrafter, who is a you tuber my daughter and I like to watch together.) And, because I was so eagerly waiting to get it, it seemed like it took forever to get here! Funny how that works, right?! I was so happy and the day the package finally got here that I could not wait to open it and get started!

Wow! There were so many really cool items and

products in there! Different tools, paints, clay, and even an airbrush! I have never tried some of these things before. So, of course, I was a little intimidated by some of these things. But I also like a challenge!

Among many items, the kit included a mold so you can make the base of a character out of plaster of paris. Then, you can use all the other materials in the kit to customize it. While I am very familiar with plaster of paris, I'm not that familiar with sculpting characters or using an airbrush. Also, the few times I have tried my hand at sculpting, I ended up trying to do people or teddy bears. The results were not horrible, but not great either. This character mold is very different from what I have tried in the past. But I was thrilled to attempt something different for me. Here are the results of what I came up with...

This is the base form.

This was my attempt at "scary!"

This one was my favorite!!

These were so much fun to make! I will definitely be doing some more! It's good to try something new every now and then. Have you tried anything new lately?

Happy crafting!

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