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Crafty Gifts

Well, time is passing by so quickly these past few months! I didn't even realize that I have not shared any of my crafty Christmas gifts that I made for some of my family members. I guess it's better late than never! Maybe these will give you some ideas for birthdays or upcoming holidays.

There are a few people in my family that I find it quite hard to pick out gifts for. They either already have anything they want or need, or they are very particular about what they like. This makes giving them the right gift that much harder. Fortunately, I can make some pretty cool stuff with them in mind! Also, I had a lot of help from my Kiwi Crate subscription this year. (Not affiliated with them or anything. I'm just really enjoying my subscription!)

A tiled tray for an Auntie!

A hand-etched mirror for the MIL!

A neon light for my daughter, (I know it's a little wonky, but she loves it anyways!)

A personalized perfume tray for the SIL

A personalized glasses case for the FIL. His name is stitched on the back, but I didn't want to share that.

So, these were some of my hand made gifts. Do you have any go-to hand made gifts you like to give? Or any family favorites? Please share!

Thank you for stopping by today, Until next time, my crafty friends!

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