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Little Green Cat

Once upon a time, there was a thriving cat community. They lived just outside of a big city.

There were many happy cat families there. All of them worked together to maintain their happiness and peace. Each family had specific jobs to contribute to their neighborhood.

One particular family were the Gardeners. Their job was to maintain all the gardens and flowers in the area. It was a good thing the family was so large, because there were many gardens to tend to! Alas, the day had come for their family to continue growing, as they were expecting the arrival of a new litter of kittens. The family was so excited! The kittens had finally arrived! There were six. Each of them were so cute!

Except one. It was a strange kitten indeed. This one little kitty was green. Have you ever seen a green cat before? Well, neither had this cat community. They weren't sure what the strange coloring of this kitten meant. Some were curious, but most of the neighbors were scared. They thought that perhaps the green color meant that the kitten might be sick. As such, most of the other cats kept a safe distance from the little green kitten, even his brothers and sisters. This made him very sad. He wished he could find at least one friend to play with.

As the lonely green kitten grew, he accepted his solitude. He used his time to get even better at caring for the flowers. His favorite were the tulips. One day, while planting some fresh flowers, another cat had approached him.

"Hello," said the pretty orange and white cat. "How funny that you are planting Marigolds. Marigold just happens to be my name!" She laughed warmly as she reached out her paw to introduce herself. The little green cat was surprised someone had spoken to him. He was shy and wasn't sure how to respond. But Marigold wasn't bothered by his shyness. She had met shy cats before. Her family moved around a lot because of her parents' job. So she had met all kinds of cats and found that the shy ones usually made the greatest friends. Marigold had decided that her and the odd little green cat would become best friends.

And they were. From that day, the little green cat and Marigold spent all of their free time together. They laughed and played. They told stories and explored together. The little green cat was happy. The two friends continued to enjoy each other's company for months.

One day, Marigold gave the little green cat devastating news. Her family had to move again. He was heartbroken. He didn't know what he would do without his only friend. Marigold was also terribly sad. She said her tearful good byes and her family left the same day.

The little green cat was depressed for days. But one day, he decided it was time to do something. He decided he had to go on a journey to find his best friend. He wasn't sure if he would find Marigold again, or if he would find a new friend. But he new he had to try and find his friend. And so, the little green cat left his home, a long with his favorite flower. The tulip stands for love and new beginnings. He new that was what he would find when he found his new best friend.

Could you be that friend.....

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