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OK. So you know when you're trying to do something and the whole time you're doing it, you're wondering if it's good enough? Will anyone else like it? Will they get it? Should I change this? Should I change that? Should I listen to my gut? No, wait. I am going to do it this way. Then, wait, I'm going to change it up a little. Hold up. wait. I should leave it this way. Oh my gosh, I hope it comes out right.

Alright, all of those emotions and the roller coaster that goes with them, is kind of a part of my process for every custom order or special item that I make for a gift for someone. I know that it might not sound like any fun. But these highs and lows actually add to the excitement of making my creations!

But wait. Then there is the part when the customer or giftee receives their item and they actually like it! In some cases, even love it! Yeah. That feeling. That's the feeling of SATISFACTION!!!! After all the effort and second-guessing myself, someone really appreciates the work and thought that I have put into their "thing." The "thing" that I made especially for them! It's a wonderful feeling! It's just another reason that I keep on crafting!

Here are some of my most recent pieces that the people they were created for really liked:

Some hand-crafted runes for two exceptional ladies!

Some little fawns for some special folks!

I really love when people like what I've made for them! What kind of things bring you satisfaction?

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