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Creative Space

Hello again!

Let's talk about creative space today. Creative space can mean something different for each person. It can also mean something different depending on the day or situation. Sometimes, it could be referring to a frame of mind, Other times, it could be referring to the physical place in which you are creating. Some individuals are very particular about their space, while others may be a little more easy-going about where the magic happens. Regardless of your craft or hobby, creative space can be a very important part of the process.

I chose this topic today because I realized how important creative space can be for me. Let me explain - Today was my day off. I was supposed to have the house to myself for most of the day. So I had plans to work on different projects. My head was in the right creative space. But I had different projects in mind today that I use different physical spaces for. Since I was supposed to have the house to myself, I had planned to use the different spaces throughout the house. Well, things changed and I ended up not having the house to myself as I had anicipated. I was kind of annoyed at first, feeling as if my day had been hi-jacked a little. Honestly, it wasn't that serious. But when I have something in my mind to go a certain way, it throws me off when it doesn't. My mental creative space had been thrown off. But I was able to re-group and adjust. I ended up having a very productive day. But the day just showed me another aspect of my process that I don't usually pay particualr attention to. Maybe I can use this to help me manage my time and projects better, or even for those times I have creative blocks.

Tell me about your creative space. Where do you do your best work? Or is your space more of a mental preparation for you?

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